Why the Hell Should They?

I don't expect anyone to like me and i don't think I come across as wanting to be liked. I think people don't like me coz I am different from everyone else. I can also be quiet and that puts them off. Sod 'em. I don't want people to like me against there will!! Some people seem to like me straight away but these people are usually pretty strange too. Usually very intelligent and analytic too! Like me! :D

I have you guys anyway!!! My EPfriends!

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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Me too. i think your cool.

thankyou my friend. I know YOU do. :))<br />
You already know my motivation is good.<br />
I just worry, how I seem at first. I'm still terrible at speaking. <br />
It is worth a lot tho, fpc, as each time I hear it it sinks-in a bit deeper. lasts a bit longer. :)

For what it's worth, I like you Baskit Case :)

its not worth worrying about...<br />
"Laugh and the world laughs with you"<br />
"Cry and you just wet your face"

you know urself better but you cannot know other on ur personal judgments and perceptions.. we mostly stretch one bad picture on every one.. like if some one did not like you it did not mean that every one did not like you.. may be there will be some people around which will like u love u care u but but afraid to share their feelings to u.. and as u always listen with high tones .. then how can u hear the voice of some one who likes u .. so open your ears and may be some on near u are calling u .. <br />
<br />
best of luck.

Ahh! :D :D :D ((hugs)) :D I can't stop grinning :D :D :D :D

Well thankyou v much! Nope, you're not strange! On EP I seem to be quite popular. :/ I am sooo much more open on EP, than irl, maybe that is why.

Sense.<br />
Like Cesar says " There is no knowledge behind instinct"<br />
<br />
I love this quote. I will change my profile to say this. And then go contact your Wolfgirl!! :D

Cats and dogs and horses like me. Very intelligent geniusses like Gabi like me, but most people seem not to. I have so little to do with 'normal' society anyway. Even other homeless people hate me coz I don't do things the accepted way. F*** it I follow my own path with dogged determination. <br />
Thanks Gabi. Knowing i have your support will really help me out there. When I cant EP I will think of you and know that at least you liked me. :)