Feh... Whatever!

I am sure that some don't like me. But, I can't seem to care! I can only be me! LOL! =p

I don't mean to be smug or rude about it... but I spent my life caring so much about what others think of me. And I'm at the point in my life, where I only care about what my true friends and family think and feel about me. Everyone else can just go take a hike! It seems harsh, but it's how I honestly feel. :-D

Sure, I am annoying... write too many stories on EP... and I'm not quick to agree with everything, just to make a person happy. I am honest to a fault and sometimes maybe too honest. BUT, this is me! Deal with it or just leave me alone. Either way, it's fine by me! XD

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

U are no way harsh or rude in any way....you are speakin the truth and you have a really good attitude and i hope other people are inspired by you because you speak the truth and you are amazing x

That's a good healthy attitude. Just be yourself!