And I've Never Known Why.

Sometimes when I speak to others they look as though I've started speaking in tongues without realizing it.  I'm relatively sure that I don't have bad breath, am not painfully unattractive and have no speech impediments, have been blessed with an above average IQ and a wicked sense of humor, and have no communicable diseases, yet still I don't "fit in". 

Actually, I don't even want to fix the problem anymore, I just want to escape.  I much prefer the company of my 4-legged children and even avoid family functions whenever possible.  I've been trying to secure a legitimate work-at-home position so that I can become a full-blown recluse.  

I would, however, like to know after all these years what the problem IS.  Call it morbid curiosity, but considering all the pain it's caused me, I'm just a little curious.  I'm not really sure why I'm sharing this drivel, but there it is...



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Maybe those people who just stare at you blankly are just not very smart. They're probably thinking about going home to watch their stupid programme they watch every week.

I'm a fan of brutal honesty too (maybe that's why people don't like me). I'd rather be told that I look fat in an outfit or that there's spinach in my teeth, rather than having someone smile and say, "No, you look great!" if it's not true, then laugh at me behind my back. And if I ask someone why they don't like me, I truly want to know why. If the person is truthful, it's not going to hurt my feelings no matter what they say.

Don't know why my comments are going through only sending them once. In reference to my previous remarks regarding my affliction, I was being somewhat sarcastic as everyone seems to react to IT in some way and, as I originally stated, I don't even know what IT is. In other words, it seems that the problem is obvious to everyone but me.

Maybe it's because you say everything twice (wink).<br />
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1 - "apparent affliction" ...hlpflwthat could very well play the part of the caller on the Mr. Obvious Show. I sometimes require a good whack on the melon - with something along the lines of a brick - to 'get it'.<br />
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2 - "that my problem would be obvious..." see #1<br />
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3 - "for brutal honesty" I'm a big fan of honesty. I prefer the gentle type, but recognize that there are times when only the brutal type will suffice.<br />
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4 - check your mail soon...

Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone. It's just that my apparent affliction has forced me to see the ugly side of people for so long that I've learned to dislike most of them. Any chance that rope is in the form of a noose (kidding)? Since on the two occasions that I've swallowed my pride and asked a family member why I get the reactions that I do, they insisted I was imagining things. Okay I'm sensitive, not paranoid. I guess I was hoping that my problem would be obvious even in this format and that it's anonymity might allow for brutal honesty.

Well, I have only 2 legs, so I don't fit the criteria atop your profile page.(and by the way, remarks like that are hurtful for some of us bi-pods haha)<br />
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We're all welcome to rant here, but since you've mentioned your curiosity, and confessed the pain you've experienced, I'm gonna toss you this rope. Let's see what you do with it, and maybe we get some answers to your question.<br />
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I aleays have rooom for one more.<br />
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