Try To Understand Others...

it would be alot happier place for everyone would try to understand someones fears, disorders, feelings, lifestyle, beliefs, or heart. i see people quick to judge whether people are real on here, and frankly, what does it matter???? if someone is anonymous, maybe they have an embarrassing thing to admit or say. and if someone wont show you their pictures...PULEASE. thats why its an anonymouse site!  they are simply using well we all should. there are alot of bad people working thru the internet. that being said, i bid you peace.

myheartsong myheartsong
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a good head on your shoulders.

thank you puck. i do try to understand others sides, but i hold tight to my beliefs. if im silent its because i pray for guidance, patience and yes i read my Bible. .<br />
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in this world many will try you, push, hate, humiliate, and beat you tell me....have i done that??? its a sign, to me, the devil is desparate..which way would you choose to go? i chose love, over hate anyday...its the ultimate healer of our whole being, to love to love yourself. <br />
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p.s. you dont have to answer if you dont wish to, just ponder =)

myheartsong, you are a very understanding person. I know this first hand. I know if I would have never said anything about politics or religion , my message board would be a lot busier!

true, and it would save so many arguements if we just try to place ourselves in someone elses shoes. to try to connect with what they feel, think, believe, or how their lives affect them. so many are blind by their own self, and "friends thoughts" they arent able to empathize with someone else..(.to reach another level of understanding for someone else) me this is a scarey thought, if you reallly think about it.

I think in more ways than one people fear what they do not understand and are threatened by some of these things. But if we did take the time to learn it would probably help alleviate our stresses.