The Little Things

Sometimes I forget that life and good health in itself is a gift. Being American, I often say that life is a right. And it's true. But it's also a God given gift. Being happy is also what I believe to be a gift. Having a lot of talents and having the ability to develop those talents is also a gift. People are a gift, friends are a gift, not everyone has them.

Sometimes I think we take the things for granted. I know I do. I wake up and I am upset that I have to go to school the next day. But I forget that there are some people who wanted to go to school who did not have the opportunity to go. It's when I realize that I say thank you to God for the opportunity.

Everyday brings its own miracle. Everyday, every moment is a chance to make a change, to create our future. It's beautiful.
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

The realization of all this is also a valuable gift.