Live In The Moment

If only people would just stop and live in the moment and appreciate what is happening right now. Enjoy life as it happens and realize that these moments are never going to happen again nor will we be at the same places in time with the same people. We have to live for today and recognize what we have and embrace it.There is so much life out there to be had we need to grab on and not let go!
cinfullynn cinfullynn
46-50, F
6 Responses Aug 13, 2010

A timely reminder. To honor and treasure the moment before us is the greatest challenge.

especially when it comes to children, we need to enjoy and value our time with them because they grow up so fast!

Totally agree with you, I try and spend my days inventing new memories for myself.

WE cannot worry about the future because it is not here yet. We need to live for this moment and make the most of it before it is gone.

But it is so hard to do. I put an end to a beautiful relationship just because I was overly consumed by what would happen in the future. Now I have a hard time letting it go.. I realized it is over, but keep holding on to what I lost. I will keep trying though

WE don't think about it,,, we just go about our lives like robots doing the same things and not stopping to enjoy what is around us and the moment we r living in.