True Beauty

           People don't stop to take a real look at the beauty of the world nowadays. The trees, bee, flowers, children laughing, couples holding hands, animals, rivers, lakes, oceans, rainbows created by rain or by a oil stains in the streets, storms, sunny days, old buildings, cloudy days, the rainy, snow, moon, stars, grass, bugs, cracks on sidewalks, anything you can touch see and smell, is what people take for granted today. Their belief is "I don't have enoght time?" My response: it only takes a second to smell a rose."
joon joon
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2008

Definitely, we have to slow down and pay attention. The beauty is always there, surrounding us, just we are not being mindful. I found the same kind of effects, solarxmoon, after both yoga and meditation. It's like the mind is this window looking out on the world, that get's covered over by meaningless mental gunk. You clean the crap off and suddenly the world around you sparkles. But actually it was always sparkling, just you didnt see.

that's so true. After I finished my meditation classes (which I was horrible at, btw) I started having these random moments of mindfulness, where I would all of a sudden notice little things like the raindrops on the leaves of a tree, or the moon and stars, or the sparkling of the snow illuminated by a lamp post at night..<br />
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It's so beautiful, but so often it all just goes unnoticed.