My Arranged Marriage

Some people dont understand arranged marriage. I guess it only happens in those conservative families.
My story is about me being so confused about my arranged marriage. After a month, I will be moving to a new city to get married to a guy my parents introduced.
He says he loves me very much and will make me happy.
I dont know.
I have just finished my Masters Degree, always been an independent girl, lived alone and had success of my own.
This guy is from a rich family, he is nearly 30 years old, never worked and still studying.
I am confused, how can I be happy with a guy like this, can he make enough money to support me or the family in the future ?
My friends say I have to face reality. This has been decided and chose by my parents, it is not good to make my parents dissapointed, they are not well and all they wish for is to see me get married and start a life.
I guess I am doing all these for my parents.
I am confused.
kadiryak kadiryak
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2011

Hi mate, where iz you from?

Unless my life was in danger I would NEVER agree to an arranged marriage. I know it is your choice but if you agree marriage should be forever and what if you do find someone you love? You may love them but your parents are NOT you! Just wait! Your will find the right guy if you want to! Or if marriage is not for you you can do what quite a lot of American woman do and support yourself! This is all my opinion but If I were you I would really think about all the things that could happen if you agree to this! lol sorry for the lecture. :)

If there is no one else that you love, I don't see anything wrong with following your parent's wishes. They know you and want you to be happy. I'm sure they have chosen someone that they think will be a good match for you. You have as much chance to be happy in an arranged marriage as people do who pick one another...probably a 50/50 chance of divorce. On the other hand, if you are really against the idea, don't do it. Follow your heart.