Beauty Surrounds Us Everyday

I simple walk through my neighborhood reminds of the simple beauty and happiness that surrounds me.
The children's laughter as they play at the park or running around on the field.
The couple lying down on the grass holding hand just looking to the sky.
The smile from a stranger walking by with a simple good-afternoon reminds me of the kindness of a stranger.
The gentle waves on the lake's top caused by the soft winds.
The flowers that have just started to blossom.
The pride and joy reflected in the well-maintained houses.
All these things are in my neighborhood they happen almost everyday, sometimes in the rush and stress of everyday life I forget about it.
But then I take a deep breath and I truly open my eyes again and I see the beauty that has never forsaken me.

Amarinda Amarinda
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2011