I Lived In The Forest For 57 Days..

It was not by choice i am 16 and i kept getting in alot of trouble so i got sent to a program called new vision wilderness. at first i couldnt stand it i hated being out their i had to hike every other day sleep in a one person tent and drink watter from a streem i also had to shower out side and that was only once a week it was nasty. i only got one pare of cloths a week too. the worst part was i only got one fone call a week to my mom only and i had to earn that. I spent my birthday and holoween in the forest it sucked ***.. i had to over come alot of fears like snakes spiders bugs beetles hights and the biggest one being on a boat but not just any boat a cannoe!! a rele old one that had been stashed out in the forest for years. out on the watter is when i finally took the time to look around. if was fall and the trees were so colorfull it was breath taking i dont know how to explain it. i took lots of pictures to remember the moment and ever since then i look at things so diffrently this world is beautiful and i wish everyone would just take the time to sit down and rele look at it. I am so glad i went through this i would never take it back it was truly life changing.
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Your story is very interesting. Living out in the woods like that sounds like <br />
it would be a very memorable experience. I am sure that there were moments when it was very difficult. It must have been very difficult to adjust to that. <br />
but I also bet the whole situtation forced you to take a different look at things and <br />
maybe take a different look at yourself and in life in general. <br />
I am jealous. I think I would like to do something like that <br />
<br />
only I want to make sure i have internet connection (j joking) <br />
<br />
When you went on this woods adventure <br />
where there a lot of other people there? <br />
did you have like group therapy talks and stuff like that? <br />
<br />
sounds pretty cool.

I love your story it is so true!! It is like that in all things in life if we take a step back and look at our life form another angle there is usually something good we can hold onto until the other stuff gets better! Hope you find that somthing you can hold onto until, but until you do I am sending you a butterfly >>> (%¡¡%) <<< let her keep you company

you're lucky, it's shocking how human nature is part of such wilderness and lack of order. Living in such environment helps one calm down and feel as a part of it all, that causes self-awareness while it makes the beauty and sense of balance of the natural life more obvious.you're lucky ;)

Looking back,it wasnt so bad-was it ?

not at all