Open Your Eyes

People should be aware and grateful every morning, for just waking up. Then they should be aware of the air, the light, and comforting feel of where they live. Be happy the trees are there carrying the wind down the valley, and roar of the river over the boulders and rocks as it slithers through town, the daffodils that scent the air heavy with their perfume, the sunlight or lack of it behind the cushy clouds. The sound of all the birds singing and the buzz of lawn mowers cutting the crisp, green blades of grass....just open your eyes and feel.

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5 Responses Apr 9, 2012

It is so unfortunate we take these simple things for granted. Yes we do need to stop and smell the roses appreciate the little simpler things in life..If ever I learned from those whom left the world early it is exactly that....

So many people just go on about their daily lives without every stopping to enjoy the wonder that you describe. I'm always seeking, searching for something, a wildflower i've never seen, rushing home to look it up in my wildflower book, peering at the sky and watching how fast the clouds are rushing by almost like our days rushing by.
hey folks stop to smell the flowers! it's a wonderful natural world out there. thanks for your story!

Thank you Marty. If more people who observe, talk about the rewards of such a simple thing...maybe those who are unaware might take a moment to look and listen and feel.

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Ithink most don't see the natural beauty of life because of the external distractions peoples minds are filled with aspiration of material gain so don't look at what they already have. I was one of those people, you may disagree with this but it was only through experiencing a recreational drug when i was a student (which i no longer do)that my whole way of thinking changed about how I perceived my surroundings I had new found respect for my own life.

I understand Lone....enlightenment comes through many ways...I am glad you were allowed to wake up and see all that is around you every day..Thanks for your thoughts

I also think that people recognizing the beauty in the world is, in itself, very beautiful ,and very inspiring.

It is my is how I wish people could be more open to what is around them and draw positive energy from it. There are some that, maybe not meaning to, close it out. Saying it is arrogant is your opinion and you are entitled to that also. Thanks.