Crow Bear

My nephew, Ten Bears was as big as ten bears and a good, loving man. Bears have deep meaning in my life. The birds that surround me each day have meaning in my life.
Lately, there are 2 crows that have taken up sitting in the 30 ft. tall black walnut tree behind my house. I walked over to see a friend next door, 2 days ago, and they circled over my head, both of them, only one cawing out. Circled, circled and stayed with me until I reached her house. Since then they both sit in the black walnut tree. When ever I come home, they are there...guardians, care takers of my soul. The first thing I hear each morning is their caw.

They are my comfort...someone is looking out for me, watching over me.
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Thank you for all the input. The crows are just guardians...I don't think there is a message. and that site, Jones47, is really good...<br />
Thank you both for sharing.

You may consider visiting the following website, I think you will find its knowledge useful.<br />
A white wolf is my my spirit guide.