Being Alive

i am happy about my life, even if i don't realize it much. i have a mom who actually supports me no matter what i do, even if she doesn't always approve of some them (like my crazy colored hair). i still have my best friend from middle school who is always there for me, even if she my only friend. thats okay. i love that i have a boyfriend who loves me as i am and wants to marry me and always understands me. i never thought i would have someone like him in my life. i have been through some rough situations but never too bad. i have never done drugs, been raped, threatened, homeless, or suicidal. i have a great life and i am proud of where i've been and where i'm going. i hope i haven't had the best day of my life already, because i don't want it to be over. not for a long time.,
craftworkorange craftworkorange
18-21, F
May 11, 2012