Game Time!

As faerie was walking down the town village, I began to smile at the beauty the village has to offer. Often times, we fail to see what is right in front of us, and we miss out on what could be more... than our mere profiles. Beauty is all around us... and within us. And opening our eyes to the possibilities simply gives this town village its magic.

So... after that serious blah-blah-blah... *mumbles*... ... ... it's gaaaame time...!!!
They're pretty obvious... seriously, if you don't get them all... helllllooooowww...

Guess who.

1. She likes tea. And fantasy. Right now, she is thinking of zooming into hyperspace to bring down the Death Star.

2. It started with a purple dress... then probably a pair of purple shoes... and it graduated to purple hair.

3. ******** of her shoes at a very young age, her family didn't realize this would cascade to her closet full of shoes.

4. She wanted to be blonde while catching butterflies, her royal subjects.

5. He is looking for a scientific quote!

6 - 7. They should have stuck with their guitars... *shakes faeriehead*

8. Always a clown. The town's jester... ... This is his serious face btw.

9. Shhh... he's flowin' here... and feelin'...

10. In between running, she stares at it wondering if it would help with the quilt.

11. She fought the Trojan War in these heels.

12. Bestest teacher ever! She teaches you A-L-L sorts of... ... uhmm... ... stuff. *giggles*

13. She has always been small... but finds a way to reach a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g...

Did ya get them all?

Sylphy Sylphy
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1. Destry, 2. GirlMcGirly?, 3. Someone really ditsy, I wonder who ... , 4. TEP?, 5. SciGuy, 6. Geeter and Scoobs, 7. you the sylph, 8. Ronanp, 9. MaryP5. 10. Takenheart? I'm not good at metaphor or illusion. You have to hit me with the faerie wand sometimes to get me to see the obvious. Let me know which ones I got right, if I got any right.

You got the names except for the sequence. And you said you're an accountant! ;P
But I'm not #7 or #8 (since #6-7 are two dudes)... interesting you'd say that... ... ...
So you still missed #8 and #13. =)

I meant number 13 is you. ?

I'm kind of new in the village, so I don't know all of its inhabitants. As a result, I could only come up with a few correct answers. Just nice to know that I was included.<br />
<br />
By the way, note that there is no quote generator (or quote machine) in that picture. Of course, Des and Taken might simply say that I used books before I acquired (or built) one...

New or unnew... what are your answers?! I find it funny that you are all hesitant to guess... what gives? ... ... you wouldn't have a quote generator at that age... you built it a year after... don't ya remember?

I simply said that you and Des would accuse me of getting quotes from books before I built this so-called quote machine/generator. Sylphy (mistakenly) made reference to me constructing one. I never admitted that such a device exists...

How can I guess if I don't know all the players?

Sci's other comment... I work with scientists all the time. They seem fairly easy to talk to... but that comment... *twists your words around you*... ... how to guess? But there are clues already. Obviously they're in faerie's circle... but that's over a 100. hahaha... x p... won't you try, Sci...? Hey, that rhymes.

*curtsies to Taken* A little bit more and he'll admit it... shhh...

It is illogical to expect someone to guess the identities of people they don't know. The others (who know the people in your circle) were obviously able to guess. Certainly a fun game though...

Argh... how the scientific mind works... *tilts Sci's head to use his right brain*

You can tilt my head all you want. I still don't see how that would enable me to determine the identities of people I don't even know. Now, about your detention...

*tilt tilt tilt* The right brain is opposite your heart where you may find your chakra... and eventually guess. x p ... pffts at your detention... lalalalalalalalalalala... :P***

I see. You think that if you tilt my head enough, it will activate my right brain. That, in turn, will intuitively allow me to ascertain facts not previously known to me and answer your questions. Interesting theory. Perhaps an experiment is in order...

Aha! That's the keyword: intuitively. Much as there are facts surrounding us, gut feel works like a charm... *must get Taken for the experiment*... she would looove experiments... x p

I have a feeling that the kind of "experiments" she conducts might scare me...

Aha again! The feeling... now you're getting it. hahaha...

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The last one...faerie???

You're so funny... yes... who else would try to reach the bathroom sink like that? But hey... with awesomeness tho... x p

Hey the faerie is awesome and don't you forget it :)

*big faerie smile* thank you... you're as sweet as ever! =)

Gatti e bambini -- piĆ¹ belli da piccini!

Uhmm... like dogs better tho... cani... did I get that correctly?

Cats and children - the most beautiful of all ages

That's what she said. Thank goodness for google translation! I would have been worried faerie is being cursed! x p

Haha..."Cats and children -- the younger they are the lovelier they are!"
You are so close though, no? The translators do not work so well for conversational expressions. They work for a word but not sentences. Also, different regions here use different expressions. Napoli Italiano is much more different than Venezia or Milano sometimes. In America, you have North and South, speech is a little changed, no? Is the same here but our regions once had different kingdoms so unification made us one country but our dialects remain divided somewhat.

Yup, the language varies within North America. Most slang or colloquial words in Canada are not used in the U.S., and vice versa... but we get by... or we simply go: "huh"?

Damn! That's hot! A sexy Italian like me only she speaks the language. I do not unfortunately. How do I meet that girl?

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Leaves me guessing too although it's obvious TH is #12

But isn't it sooo much fun to keep guessing? x p