Beautiful Things Around Me 6

My home is located in the suburbs, the surrounding houses are very posh and completely occupied by white collar job people. The streets are pretty huge. There is a tiny little house in the corner of the street, occupied by an elderly couple in their sixties. We could say the they were broke, very little money was coming in and they were holding garage sale - with whatever little money - they managed. This entire house was always quite, very silent and lonely... Not much visits happen nor anything...

One day the old women with the help of her husband started a little neighborhood takeaway restaurant. Since the entire neighborhood was high working class, they cooked rarely - the families started taking food from this place, Food was completely homemade, delicious and healthy too.
Though there were not many varieties, whatever they offered was simply worth the money. Not only that, the couple welcome each and every customer with a warn smile, they neatly pack and handover the food. Its really good to see them happy.

Slowly the customers started pouring in, now the couple have enough money for themselves, they have improved the restaurant also they have opened their backyard as a playarea for neighborhood children to play :) They also make sure food is not wasted, its been sent to charity. This lonely house has become a comfort to many families, the loneliness is gone forever...

They stand as an example for the quote, its never too late - if there is a will there is a way... :)

Their hard-work and the inspiration that they bring into the community is simply amazing...

Young people these days give up so easily, we should learn from this couple, its not about giving up - its staying together for rich or poor, to enrich life's, to inspire, to serve :)

Its so beautiful !!!

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what a lovely story. thank you

Aww.. this is so inspiring and uplifting. This is brings communities together for sure. Respect for the other and sharing. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.