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Tell me that people are capable of positive actions just because they want to do it, not because they might get something in return. Tell me that it's possible to trust someone unconditionally, without fear of them having an ulterior motive. Tell me that it's possible to love someone unconditionally without fear of being shattered into pieces. Tell me that passion and desire can exist between two people that lasts for more then five minutes. Tell me that the type of love you see experienced in movies and on tv is possible in reality. Tell me there are beautiful girls with tattoos. Tell me that you don't have to look perfect to be attractive. Tell me you can still laugh about stupid things or nothing at all, without people thinking you're crazy. Tell me true laughter still exists in the first place. Tell me thoughts of doing harm to some people running through your head are normal and not a cause for alarm. I know everyone has them. Tell me you don't have to be drunk to have a good time. Tell me it's possible to sit at home with someone special, watch some crappy B movies, and have the time of your life.

I'm young and I already feel like I'm missing things in life. I don't want it all to pass me by. Tell me that I can trade this life in, for the one that's worth living, while there is still time.

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9 Responses Sep 17, 2012

That's really awesome. It's great to see I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I do believe it's possible though. The fact that I - and clearly others - agree with you is proof in itself, I believe. =]

all those things exist, they are just rare to find. And it should be that way. Because, otherwise it wouldnt be appreciated as much.

.gracias. all kidding aside- we all want the things you listed. Its just hard to see it when it's right in your face sometimes. ya know?

. well except for the crazy part.......people will always think you're crazy when you're seemingly laughing at nothing.

.i like the part that it isnt seen all the time. Makes it special.

*tells you*

We may love and yet get shattered, Love in the movies is not real. I wonder if that why we get hurt we have high expectations on others cuz of movies, we tend to put others on pedal stools, setting us up to get hurt. Laughter is a form of love, unless you laugh at others. laughter makes me happy, full of joy. Tattoos sh*t man. Your right up my ally. Lol :) And no your age dose not define you and where u have been, where your going, where your at in life. And what you have been though. Peace

Thank you :) I have 21 and adding more soon

I use my income tax. Lol

Life is what we want to make of it. A giving heart and spirit to help those in need at the right time will make things worthwhile.
We only life once. If people can remember us for what we were , and if that thought was in our minds, we would be different.

Of course you can! You have choices.

Sorry, life sucks.

Life is what you make it.....I know that sounds cliche, but I found that it's very can make good and bad out of any situation, so why not make it good!

I completely understand

I love this. I feel like you took the gist of my thoughts and expressed them perfectly.