Trying To Go Back While Still Moving Forward

There are a lot of things I messed up. I took for granted the childhood that I would never get back. I looked to far ahead and forgot to live in the moment. I ended up becoming scared and planting my feet into the Earth, forever staying the same as time meandered its way around me and my new friends. I relate with the oldest life on this planet now, because just like them I have let everyone move past me, the trees,mountains, and rivers are here to stay. They never change their childhood ways and always seem to say the same thing in their quite voices. Children do not become Adults, we just simply choose to move on from a life of dreams and hopes into one of memories and dead friends. Lets remember that day when nothing mattered except what would happen on the tar covered pavement of our elementary school floor during recess, and maybe tomorrow will be the day she looks at me and says she loves me right after I kick the wining point during our epic kickball game.
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Jan 15, 2013