There is something about this time of day that I have always loved. And it is a time of the day that people don't always get to appreciate. A time where the sky is completely beautiful.....its peaceful, not quite dark, but not daylight either. Siloheuttes of nature cast in a golden is the time of day I feel most comfortable. Hence the part of my username that references it.

In times now where life is so busy, people don't get the opportunities they used to to fully take in their surroundings, and see the beauty that stands around them. Twilight marks the end of the day and the turn into night.....and I guess I have always found it a time where it is easy to contemplate things that have happened. I could look at the colours of the sky for a long time, and often wish it lasted longer....particularly in the summer months where the colours are more vibrant.

I wish people had more time to appreciate the amazing things in the World that nature provides, if only for a moment it can put things you are dealing with into perspective, and help you to clarify your thoughts.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

We all need little reminders throughout the day to be grateful for the beauty in our lives and our world, maybe twilight is our daily reminder.

This was beautiful! Thank you!

So true we all need more time ! :-) XOXO