Check In, Realize Where We Are

If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point.  Traumas, heartbreaks, devastation, all the phases of life and fights against death.

And here you are.  You go, motherfcuker.  You're awesome.
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Thats awesome! ;) @_@ You go to!

Heehee. Hope I shocked some gratitude back into a few folks.

Yes, you did..lmao!

Perfect...mission accomplished :p Actually, truthfully? I say this stuff to myself in the mirror...often followed by a wink to self.

Hey thats cute! ;P

Double dog dare you to print this post and tape it there. Report back with results :D

You know if i did that it would not make any sense to the people around me they would actually look at me ;P

Oh, I see. Chicken. No worries. Note to self...double dog dares don't work with inChange.

Unless they are something that I find interesting or

Oooh, second note to self: pasting swear words to mirror is not interesting or FUN to inChange. :D

Oh notice that you changed my word it's F.U.N. not

My bad, lol. I am guessing the acronym holds meaning. Free Unending Nerdiness. Close?

Not even close lmao! Yes its an acronym

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Thanks for the pep talk


awww depleted with tokens :( can't rate up the store phewwwwwwww

ha ha ha ha ... sounds lyk from the abyss of ur heart :D

Good thing I wrap myself in bubble wrap when I go outside

Lol. I just pictured random children dive-popping your bubble wrap! You are awwwweeeesome :)

The Rice Krispie Kid strikes again :O

LMAO!! And all the adults run for gunfire cover.

Damn right, we are all awesome. Surviving all things in life is paramount :))

Right!! Welcome to awesomeness!!!!

Yay! How splendid. :D

:D Claps!