Life Is A Gift. Live And Celebrate Everyday


Life is a gift

What GOD has giveth

We squander it squarely

Because we understand it barely

When we understand it finally

We know we lived in illusion

Live it fully and celebrate daily

For everything GOD has given us

In Abundance

Somehow I was inspired or rather told to write the above poem about life being a gift to us. How surprisingly everyone is missing it. Incidentally, when I was taking a morning walk, I was full of thoughts, albeit, I was trying to enjoy the present moment by being aware of my surroundings. Masters call it living in 'Gaps.' In one of such gaps, a thought appeared in my mind that told me that life is a gift and I should celebrate it for what the universe has given me and an assurance that I was cared by it.

One of the learned masters said, my thoughts are my guests and silence or gaps between such thoughts are representing me. In those gaps, we can listen to life changing messages that are delivered to us in our silence. Moreover, when we can voluntarily put a thought in such silence; our thoughts are manifested in the physical realm!

I was surprised for the message and I realized at that moment that the universe is telling me to relax, live in the present moment, and trust in universe’s way of providing us everything in abundance. Indeed, most of us neither have courage nor patience to relax in our ultra competitive world for the fear being left out or considered a loser or a failure. This is real. We all feel this way. Practically, no one can escape this mindset that easily. Perhaps, this is what we are all told about the way the world operates. It seems there is no obvious escape for our never-ending race of life.

Just like I mentioned in my poem, so is our life is an illusion and if we can look beyond the curtain of 'Maya' or illusion of life, we can finally understand the beauty of life! When we realize this, we can learn to relax and go with the natural flow of universe to attain everlasting peace within, and happiness.

So free up your mind, relax and get ready to receive divine messages to come into your life. If you practice this you will never feel lonely, depressed, and unhappy.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

True. I enjoy just being . I feel that the whole world is stuck in fast forward mode! Relax, go slow, take it in an just be sometimes.