Wrong and Strong

There is nothing wrong with being ignorant. we all have more to learn. we are all ignorant to somethings.but i hate people who are wrong and strong. they are the worst possible types of people . so strong in thier convictions and rightness. its sickening. i think a lot of republicans fit in the group! sorry republicans, i know there are some of you who are probably great, but i just read  a post by someone on here and it litterally made me loose my lunch. i am so tired of all of the ignorant Obama and liberal bashing already. he is our president, get over it. he is trying to help the people. which will inadvertently help all in some way, even the selfish bastards that dont want his help. get the hell over it already. stop thinking that the only way this country will be this country and the only way this country will work is if we have a republican in there, or a white face or a continuation of the same rhetoric that was. that is not true. the world is evolving and so can we. I wish they would just shut the f up already!

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5 Responses Mar 27, 2009

windlion i guess your one of them. thanks for proving my point. get over it!

It's another mainstream media shell game -- keep talking up the yap over the President being -- you know, *black* -- dont pay attention to the same old good old boy earmark, block and tackle games that the "Blue Dog" Democrats in Congress are up to.<br />
<br />
And there are more troops going into Iraq and Afghanistan now.

i know that's right goldie.

thanks girl.

Well spoken