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They just stop thinking and start following. Even intelligent and smart ones sometimes are trapped in the waves.

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Good point, stay the way you are because you are perfect

@ silent voices: Individuals will change when they become people, the rules change. But on the whole you are right, it does depend on the person. I have been the black sheep out! thanks for the comment and explanation.<br />
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Thank you Lady Jayne, it means a lot.

Well may be and may be not.. we cannot take decisions on base of perception.. and we cannot know exactly that when people stop thinking and why and why the following .. what are their intentions may be intentions can be good.. so we cannot generalize.. or<br />
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we can say in certin situation smart and intelligent can behave like this.. other wise.. generally people are very intelligent and have good heart and head.. by birth.. just need polish.. and right direction and guidence..<br />
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