Are You Still Making Assumptions?

Did you know that what you say and how you say it directly affects the buying decision of your prospects? If you are not in tune with their desires, problems and wants then you will be unable to deliver powerful messages that resonate with them.

Think about how YOU make your own buying decisions. You act when a message really talks to you and makes you feel as if the product or service were created for you. Almost like they knew exactly what was going on in your head. THAT is what moves a person to invest with you.

But if you never take the time to learn the hot buttons and problems of your prospects you will not be equipped to effectively communicate with them, thus losing the sale.

It’s not your job to assume you know what your market needs, people do not make buying decisions on needs, they make them on wants. The correct way is to let your market tell YOU what they want and then you provide that solution for them. Doing it the other way is a big waste of time and money, trust me I have tried.

Take some time to survey your list and see what is going on with them (I hope you have a list). Often times they will let you know exactly what they are craving so that you can provide it for them instead of playing the assumption game!

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ceemonie2013 ceemonie2013
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Jan 12, 2013