Happy Happy Joy Joy....

Life is too short to be serious all the time.  I look at my mistakes as a learning experience, and they make for great comical writing material. I love to laugh at some of the really stupid things I do and I think I am better for it. 

Anyone want to play hi ho cheerio with me so that we can laugh hysterically and chase away the blues.

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i love my foibles!!

Demigiozia, WTF?... "I wrote those Words INTO YOUR Soul".<br />
<br />
I am not sure what you think you are but it sounds to me like you have not been taking your medicine that the nice Dr prescribed for you. Either that or you are really a 16 year old kid...DD

I wrote those Words INTO YOUR Soul

I laugh at myself alot, and don't take life that seriously. I talk to myself. Solves alot of problems fast. They say it's o.k., as long as you don't answer yourself! LOL<br />
<br />
nanoose~ Great retort! Bet that blew his mind! LMAO

LOL Oh God JJ.. Looj what you started lol.

you wear a helmet for an extra potty too?

How do you play hi ho cheerio ? I would play anything with you...DD

Read my confession....

Well even at the risk of belittling myself - I often laugh at my self.<br />
<br />
Example: When I am towelling off at the gym and a guy looks at me <br />
I say – what I just had a cold shower.<br />

I want to hear more about the soggy socks saga. That must have been hilarious.

ahaa your alot like me. its really weird.