Im Not Trying to Be Vain

first i dont get along with many chicks. and second guys are just easier to be around. bt once i let the guys know that im not going to have sex with them thenit all changes. . this one guy id chill with he went and told all his friends that id have sex with him all the time and just all this stuff thats not true. so i told all his friends the truth. now  he just looks like an idiot wen he brags about me. bt now his friends try and hook up with me :(   sometimes i feel so used

prettylady prettylady
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 20, 2007

My cousin often wore tight pants. Her curvy butt got me so hot I would wrestle her just to be close beauriful butt. We never had sex but we did a lot of sexy things. <br />
You girls don't realize how hot you are.

Naw, it can't be easy for you to live a normal life when people behave like that towards you.... Often, young men (or maybe we shouldn't call them "men") tend to be desperate to get laid even though they are not in love with the woman in question. And as often, there is no cure but the gradual inhabitation of maturity. . But at the same time you should know that there are guys who are dissimilar; people who seek to know someone; people who respect friendship; respect love. . The easiest thing to do is probably to stay away from those guys that behave as mentioned by you; I know that you will soon find someone who respects you for who you really are, and not just because your pretty; of course there is no legitimity in denying that the prettiness will be perceived as an "accoutrement" to your personality/soul. . "illegitimis non carborundum". Don't let those guys form you into someone you are not; be yourself, and a true friend shalt be revealed to you! Good luck!

Men can be absolute freakin' dogs sometimes...I would hate to be a woman in that regard, especially a really good looking seems like either you're being hit on all the time or some other guys are too shy to talk to can't be easy.