It saddens me to hear about the passing of GRL member Simone Battle. She was such as beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead.
I think we live in a world where so many people are dealing with their own demons. No matter where your from, class status, or even if your a celebrity. Depression is a huge issue for everyone, although you may not know what is going through someone's mind. I think just showing concern to everyone just out of the mere respect that WE are all HUMAN BEINGS could be that defining moment which can prevent someone from going into a dark hole.
We need to love, show concern and just reach out to others. Life IS short but we all should be able to live it happily.
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i do too you are so right

Cannot agree more!

That world will never be. There is no happy end here, never will.

Doesn't mean people can't show some level of consideration for others