Had an epiphany earlier this week.. Drove my ex's mom to go get some groceries. Got her home and was helping her unload stuff and my ex was there, took a grapefruit out of her stuff and was going to eat it, since there was only one they started fighting over it. I just stayed out of it, but I wanted to say something like "she's your mother, he's your son, this is a frickin grapefruit !!!" And I realized something that's taken me a long time. They are both extraordinarily selfish people. Seeing the stupid grapefruit fight was exactly what I needed to erase the doubts and maybes in my head. Was I right to end a relationship with someone who values fruit over family?, yep.
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I think there might be additional issues at play in the grapefruit fight, but the absurdity of people fighting over a grapefruit is freaking hilarious. Not even over an orange, or some other kind of delicious fruit. Let alone something actually covetable like a Twinkie or a Snickers. It's the kind of absurdity that seems unreal and made-up, but it's what makes humans so damn interesting.

I might even take a devil's advocate view that it might be worth sticking around this guy just for the hilarious / absurd stories. Also, you seem like a saint for driving an ex's mom anywhere. Well above and beyond.

Not even close to a saint. If anything kind of political or manipulate I'm afraid. 'Ex' is ex husband and we have kids together, So ex's mom is my kids' grandma.
Family is really important to me ( even more important than grapefruit if you can believe it) , So because she is their grandma I try really hard to make sure they still have a relationship with her. But she's crazy enough I don't want to leave them alone with her. So solution is get along and be friends the best I can so that I can be around when my kids visit her without my presence being weird. Actions like driving her on errands let me be a friend without having to find common areas of interest etc.
Also, if I knowingly let my children's grandmother starve I'd be a pretty sucky Mom.

I don't know if it'd make you sucky... it'd just be more retro, maybe. Like a 1930's style mom who secretly serves her step-children their pet rabbit for dinner because THAT'S JUST WHAT HAS TO BE DONE. But seriously you claim you're being political, but that's a whole lot of heart, there. That's like first class momming and, even though I didn't understand the entirety of the parameters when I first commented, I think I was right in saying 'well above and beyond.' Good on ya.