look i know that many people will disagree with me and i ask that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

anyways now that i got that out of the way. I think the reason why you should pass a test to be a parent becuase a child is a full time job. You have to feed him/her . you have to take care of there needs.  You need to know what to do in some situations. You should also understand that your children will model your behavior. believe me it is scary. For example if one parent smokes the child is sixty percent more likely to smoke themself.
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5. Don't ever lie to your children about something that's really meaningful to them. I'll use Santa Claus as an example. Children can be equally happy getting presents whether they come from Santa or from you, or anyone really. They just like toys and gifts. But if you make them believe in Santa and Christmas Elves and Winter Magic, it'll skew their entire view of reality. Then when they come to the realization that it's all false, their minds have already grown up and they will find it very difficult and stressful to come to terms with a reality they didn't know existed before.

I agree, though unfortunately I don't think I could trust humans to come up with an accurate way to test a person's motherly traits.<br />
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I think the biggest thing to do is to dispel the rumors about raising children and tell parents the truth.<br />
Here's a few:<br />
<br />
1. Kids actually do think it's cool for no reason other than because you did it.<br />
2. "bad words" and "bad images" don't cause the slightest harm to an innocent mind who doesn't understand. Scary things don't cause harm either, rather they help a child come to terms with their fears.<br />
3. You have to balance punishment and reward. Children must know their limits, but they must always feel safe and secure. Yes, this means you HAVE to reward them sometimes. And it also means you HAVE to punish them sometimes. If you fail this, you are a terrible parent.<br />
4. Don't keep secrets from your children about major events happening around them. They need to learn how the world around them works in order to ever be ready to live in it. If you live in a town full of muggers and thieves, then let your kids know that guy you were screaming at downstairs the other night really was a dangerous man and that they could have been hurt. And then move out of there if at all possible. My point is, don't downplay the dangers of real life. Just make sure your kids know how to stay safe. They need to not feel like the world is sterile and harmless, because it most certainly isn't.