And That Includes Me

A few months ago, I had a disturbing realization. While working on a crossword puzzle, I kept running into the same problem. 

I knew the correct answer...but I couldn't spell it.

Talk about your wake-up call!  Thinking about it, I also realized that I had been avoiding my paper journals...because I kept running into words I can't spell anymore, "anymore" being the key word.

I've gotten lazy.  I've gotten in the habit of letting Word make sure I'm spelling things right, leaning on those wavy red lines to tell me when I'm messing up.

This coming from the woman who used to be the known as the walking dictionary?!?!  Okay, so I can still define all kinds of words...but I can't spell worth beans anymore.

*sigh*  So with great reluctance I got in touch with a lady I know who tutors.  I don't like it one bit, but I go.

I may not like needing to be tutored, but I like not being able to spell even less.
Plaid Plaid
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1 Response Jun 24, 2012

And of course, hand in hand with spelling correctly is proper punctuation. Grammar is slowly dying.