Fragile Hearts

When people love, there is no rationality. The heart is fragile and easily hurt. Be it online or in real life, love is sensitive and renders us vulnerable. We lash out in hurt and anger at perceived slights, inadvertently incorrect words changing the context of our sentences, changing what we really mean to say.

We need to remember when our friends lash out, they are hurt and sometimes, all that is needed is clarification. And we need to learn not to lash out without checking to be sure we did not misunderstand something. 

And we need to stop and think...when we care about someone it is too easy to get hurt..and we can only really be hurt if we truly care. And we need to remember that everyone has feelings, and we should all respect one another..we all deserve respect and love. We are all important and we all have something to offer.

And if we live by these mottos in life, then live them online as well. There is more to each person in life and online then we ever see. Rumors are just that..nothing more. We do not need to know everything, just respect each other and accept each of us as we are. Most of us do not like to be judged, and in turn we should practice tact and grace. 

Kisses my friends, I love you all and have room more more. Group cuddle!!!!
Ok, the counselor is done for the day now!!! LOL
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This is so true Moondancelady. Always treat others how you wish to be treated yourself.

I find group circles online are similar to real life circles. Someone is always upset, hurt, etc. There is too much room for miscommunication here...we need to be careful how we write...not assume everyone understands:)

This is so true.....but once you ahve been broken...can you ever really heal??

I think so..there are so many kinds of love. And women that have lost a mate they loved dearly sometimes find they can love another. Not quite the same, but every bit as deep and fulfilling. We all have something unique to offer two of us are the same.

Beautiful post. I think love is the most beautiful risk we ever take in life. I hope you feel the love deeply and that you are accepted for who you truly are in life. I have that in my life and I know that is the most beautiful feeling in the world to have. ((hugs))

I would love to have what you do someday. You are so happy and his love for you shows in you. Hugs back. Perhaps someday i will be blessed with someone too. It is wonderful to read that it exists:)

I pray that you get that kind of love. **hugs tight**

I think it is especially easy to get miss-understood at an on-line sit, like EP. Words, phrases, can be interpreted very differently. We know what we are trying to say, but the tone and message can get confused, and say exactly the opposite. And now we are scrambling to correct the error. We are trying to get what we were trying to say across.

in addition, we may not have all the facts. We have made assumptions, and so again we can error, and make a comment, and cause hurt..I did that the other day. Someone asked my honest opinion, i said.".it looks cheap".....and then found out the person was un-employed.Well you know that was very hurtful. And so things can get very awkward, very quickly. I appologized .....we are still friends....but it is that easy screw up, and to hurt someone, and hurt their feelings a lot.

So true. We need to watch how we say things here too...i hate hurting someones feelings ever. We make close friends here..and that can cause tensions sometimes. But love still makes the world go round:)

Hugs...i know that slip up couldnt have felt good.

I very much needed to read this today...thank you for your thoughts and sensitivity *wide warm smile*

Amazing how easy it is to get caught up in emotional angst in here:)

yes...but actually it applied to both online and everyday life today :)

Then the timing was perfect. I figured i need to read this once in a while myself! Lol


I try! Lol

Lovely moon. I think we should indeed accept people for what they are, and what they are not. Maybe we do expect to much from people.

I think when we learn to accept..without judging...we are often delighted at what we learn about each other.

Awww ...This is a really good and positive message to put out there.... *cuddle* :)

See...the cuddles do it every time. Kisses and cuddles.