Oh But I Love It

(This title I think people understimate what Im capable of...isnt quite right, I dont think, I know)

Im 5'5"
important how? thats short.
I like hard work, as in moving trees off roads and digging ditches hard work.
and Im good at it.
I worked at a state park, which is part of a chain of parks that own a long horse riding/hiking/biking trail
it was heavy maintanence.
we'd get to a downed tree, and it'd be big, and I'd push on it and they would ask "what exactly are you doing?"
and theyve seen me do heavy work before, ive lifted huge rocks, and other trees and the likes, but they would always seemingly forget and laugh at me
i'd respond "just testing if I could move this tree without the Chainsaw...Im pretty sure I can"
they would respond "Right, Ive gotta see this"
I lift and push the thing off the trail. "Wow well okay, I guess you can!"

I dont like my intelligence being doubted...thats just annoying, I know Im smart, why should I have to prove it every three seconds?

as long as its something I can physically do, I like being understimated, I love the looks of suprise as I do something that a guy three times as large as me couldnt do, with relative ease....
You dont get the same rush when you mentally accomplish something someone else failed to do.so Im smarter/wiser/more experienced in that area...doesnt mean anything...
mindwarper11 mindwarper11
22-25, M
May 10, 2012