Why does a 100 pound soccer mom need to drive a tank around. I live in a town where people have more money than smarts. Every women in my town who has a kid thinks she has to own the biggest suv you can buy. The thing is she has a hard time driving her freakin honda. What makes her think she can drive a ****** safely. And guys your not getting off easily. I have a truck, I also have a Minivan. I use my truck to pull my camper, trailers, haul stuff etc. It's not practical for me to load my kids up in an f-250 to drive them to daycare. Just does not make sence.

I am not a big enviorment junkie. Save THE WHALES! But I am tired of having to pay 90 bucks to fill up my tank. If 50% of the stupids who own these vehicles would not fill up for even one day our fuel price would lower by 40% wouldn't that be nice?

So listen next time you have the urge to buy a car thats bigger than a house, do me a fav go walk in traffic.


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Hahaha! Ur so right

Well, well, aren't you just full of wit and wisdom! I'm 4'9" and weigh less than 80 lbs....have NO small children at home, was NEVER a "soccer" mom and probably have more of what you call "smarts" in my little finger than you and your whole family put together. I own a beautiful BIG BADASS SUV and I love it. I've never had so much as a ticket for jaywalking and am an excellent driver. Lumping everyone into your pigeon hole of being unsafe drivers who are stupid for owning something bigger than a clown car from the circus only makes you look like a rude, misogynistic prig who covered his butt by tossing in the obligatory "guys you're not getting off easily" line, but saying you have every right to own a truck and minivan because you have "special reasons".... well, you have no idea what my reason for owning an SUV might be, so who are you to call me stupid and selfish. Yep, you've pissed me off!!!

Get this, I drive a small VW Golf. One day I'm late for class and the parking lot at my school is very crowded so it's really hard to find a spot where you can park. I'm driving around and find an empty spot, pull my car in and park it. As soon as I park my car in this spot, this MASSIVE TRUCK pulls up behind me, it's one of those Gigantic Dodge Rams, the biggest one they make. The drive gets out of the truck and walks over to my car door. I'm like what the $^^# is this guy doing?? He knocks on my window and I roll it down a little to hear what this guy has to say. I'm halfway wondering if I'm about to be robbed or shot. <br />
<br />
The Truck drive ask me if I will MOVE MY CAR and GIVE HIM THE SPOT!!!! He explains that his truck is really big and it's hard for him to find a spot and would I move my car and give him my spot. I could not believe what this guy was asking me. This guy is about 45 years old, could not be a student and I've never seen him at the college before. He was dead serious too. I explained that I was almost late for class and I had to go and would he move away from my door so I could get out of my car. Then he starts getting all huffy and mad and acting like he's going to beat my ***, threatening me if I don't move my car. The guy was getting REALLY CRAZY now and I start to wonder if he'll break my windows or vandalize my car after I leave so I figure ok, this guy is nuts I'll just give up the spot. So tell him ok, I'll move it... The point is, THIS IS HOW RUDE Truck People are. They get these massive SUV's and suddenly think they can tell everyone else what to do. <br />
<br />
I back out, give this ******* the spot and then I do quickly find another spot to park in. The ONLY reason I gave up the spot is because I drive a very nice condition VW that is old and has a custom paint job. I was really thinking this guy was going to key my car or hurt it and he would do it while I'm in class and have no way to protect the car. <br />
<br />
People are so rude.

I totally agree. I AM A BIG ENVIROMENT PERSON. Grocery's and an occasional small appliance does not take a tank!It's ridiculous and selfish in this day and age.When I was in high school,we had to wait in lines for up to an hour to get gas. (and hope it didn't run out before we got there. Plus, it was even-odd days,according to the last # on your license plate.

I know I am a day late and a $ short but had to ring in on this. I completely agree! I have never understood the concept of having a vehicle that is WAY bigger than you need to transport the family and some groceries. <br />
<br />
I also never understood why people must own a 5 bedroom house when they only have one kid!<br />
I was the manager of a cleaning company for a few years and it always amazed me that people would pay a pretty penny to have a house cleaned that was barely used! Why put out all that money for a vehicle or house that isn't needed?<br />
I wish the world was less concerned with what others thought and would do what makes them truly happy.

I don't even own a car. I wait for the old man to come home and then we go together. Saves us a fortune and is no real inconvenience.

I totally agree. I don't care if they have so much money they can afford to pay a hundred dollars to fill up their Suburbans (Subdivisions?). I'm not impressed. They're wasting a resource and they're fouling the air.<br />
<br />
Notice it's usually these idiots who leave their vehicles running with the A/C on in the parking lots while their little kids are watching a dvd movie (evidently they're paralyzed and can't get off their butts).