So I guess whoever made this group is an "idiot" because he misspelled "misspell" lol. Okay, so I understand the occasional typo, but when I see people misspelling words constantly . . . it just doesn't make a good impression. I won't condemn you as an idiot, but it will bother me interminably.

Quetzal Quetzal
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I think people who misspell words are idiots too. There's no excuse. I never make misatkes

Ahaa, so you are the perpetrator lol. It's good, the pure irony of it made me laugh.

No not at all! I appreciate the comment. Sometimes it's hard to tell when people are joking. There are extremely touchy people here.

That's true. I totally understand mistakes made by people learning English as a second language. What really gets me is English-speakers who don't use their resources and make an attempt to know their own language.

Wow . . . did any of you actually read my story? First of all, I said in it that I do not condemn anyone as being an "idiot." I think the title for this group is too severe. I know people have different strengths. I happen to have a brilliant teacher who misspells words all the time and I don't think lesser of him for that. However, people who don't make use of their resources and don't attempt to spell correctly are the ones who truly lose my respect. Sorry for any confusion. Hope I cleared that up.<BR><BR>Subrosa: In addition to all I said above, I did not create this group. Therefore, I did not misspell the word "mispell," which, coincidentally, I already mentioned in my story. Also, I do not believe I know everything - sorry, but you have absolutely no right to judge me thus, as you don't even know me. Yes, know-it-alls are ignorant. Lastly . . . I have read books. I rarely go a day without reading. It's part of the reason I'm so gifted with spelling. <BR>Thanks for your comment.

i guess im an idiot than