Mi-spell? Or Mis-spell?

This doesn't look deliberate. Or maybe it is?

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4 Responses Aug 17, 2009

The spelling of words in the modern form of the Anglish language is continually changing. The language is so mixed up that there is no one set of grammatical rules which can be considered universal. Typing to express oneself for entertainment purposes, such as here on EP, is not an important enough endeavor to concern oneself overly much with grammatical proficiency. If you feel like being uptight about your spelling then enjoy that expenditure of energy, if you do not, then enjoy communicating in a relaxed informal fashion. In truth the one who allows themselves to be bothered by misspellings and discriminates against and insults those who do it is closer to being defined by the word "idiot" than the one who simply enjoys their time here without getting overly stressed about petty matters.<br />
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Az long az thowz hoo injoy yer kumpanee kin understand wut yer sayin wayrz tha harm?

This was deliberate - look at his name. <br />
But why he created this group then? <br />
Maybe to point at that.

A lot of the incorrect spellings are due to the haste in which the person types and them not paying attention and before they know it the comment or question has been sent and they see the typos AFTER. I've had this happen to me several times but the thing is as long as the message is understandable it doesn't matter about the misspelled words. Scholars misspell words too and they certainly are not idiots.

Definately is not. He has no idea what he is talking about.