Animal Cruelty In Florida Last Week (june 2011)

I got an email from an anti-cruelty to animals organization asking my electronic signature on their petition for more severe punishment for the perpetrators of this horrendous act:
I woman took her 5 & 7 year old sons and two kittens to a park where they proceeded to bash the kittens with an aluminum baseball bat.  By the time authorities arrived, one kitten was dead.  The other is still in intensive care.  Bail was set at only $3500.
Not only should this dangerously mentally ill and evil woman be incarcerated, the children should be taken away and raised by people with ethical and moral values and given anti-sociopath therapy (if it's not already too late).  And I agree that there should be some way to prevent any of them from ever obtaining custody of an innocent animal, but I don't know how to implement that.  If you web search the incident, you can probably add your electronic signature to the petition and any ideas you might have on how to implement such a program.  All the psychological studies show that children who perform this sort of cruelty to animal grow up to be sociopathic adults, often repeats murderers without consciences. Pleas search for the petition and do what you can.
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2011

**** 'em! my aluminum bat was bought solely for punishing ******** like that who mistreat innocent animals, behavior that leads to mistreating and abusing humans as well. My bat has never touched a ba<x>seball but has adjusted a few skulls. It makes a pretty "ping" sound when it bounces off their head. Don't torture helpless critters! I once saw a man whipping his dog in a park with it's leash. I told the man to pick on someone his own size then whipped him with own leash then tied him to a tree with the leash. I got a round of applause from others in the park. I took his dog to a rescue shelter and doubt that the jerk ever saw or punished that poor dog again. I think that maybe karma places bad ***** in this world sometimes to counter wimpy wanna be men who torture pets and women & kids. I heard on CNN this morning actually that the sales of aluminum ba<x>seball bats in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and other oppressed countries have risen by over 5.000 % in the last 2 months. hell yes! Bullies suck., "Ping", sounds nice. If you're not fighting back you're accepting the cruelty that's happening as being Ok.

Another story on the news today about a woman who was arrested for starving her German shepard--the poor full grown thing weighed only 37 lbs. It's a felony charge, she could get ten years, $10,000 fine and the cost of the pet's vet bills too. Yet even in prison, the most hardened criminal despise individuals who prey on innocents such as children and animals. Let her go to prison, I say--she won't last long in "general population."

Talk about justice!

kill em kill the mother and the kids they knew wat they were doin