What Not To Wear

I was channel surfing last night and came upon the reality show "What Not to Wear" which I usually kind of enjoy. It's a show that takes dowdy/frumpy women who have no idea how to dress themselves and gives them a makeover, teaching them how to look their best. The hosts are these 2 snarky fashion gurus who act like they know everything there is to know about style. This episode happened to be "Top Ten Resisters" - the women who had the most trouble throwing away their college sweatshirts in favor of wrap dresses and corduroy blazers. Watching these women resist their makeovers, I found myself rooting more for them than for the two bitchy know-it-all hosts. It was like that very old Twilight Zone episode, where a young girl of the future attempts to resist society's new law to transform everyone into a perfect mannequin-like specimen (of which there were only 3 or 4 choices, so everyone looked the same.) The young girl didn't want to be gorgeous and like everyone else. She wanted to be herself - plain maybe, but herself. And so what if one of these women wants to wear fishnet stockings with pink rubber booties? Maybe she doesn't want to be like everyone else.

Of course in the end they ended up transforming Fishnets into a gorgeous specimen in a wraparound dress and heels. In her interview she said she loved her new look. Like a robot who has been reprogrammed.  Victory to Snarkypants. It was the same creepy ending as the Twilight Zone.
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I love this story! I have watched a similar tv show (maybe even the same) and felt exactly like that, haha!

:) glad to know I'm not alone

Well Destry I couldn't possibly agree with you more!

Perception<br />
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That's it! The reason I hate make-overs is because I don't believe that anyone leaves the house thinking that they look terrible. Some people DO look terrible and you may find yourself saying, "How could she leave the house like that?"<br />
But people have their reasons, and while there truly are those who just don't care how they come across, that is their prerogative. I don't judge.<br />
But as I was saying, no one TRIES to look ugly and out of place! They are trying to look nice and maybe just not pulling it off all the time. Leave them alone. <br />
When I see someone who has obviously made an effort, even if they are wearing a housecoat from the 60's I will tell them that the color looks beautiful on them if it does.<br />
Everyone likes a compliment. NO ONE wants to be told that they look ridiculous, especially on TV.<br />
But to tie it all into fashion and what is fashionably and societially offensive is itself offensive.<br />
Okay. There. I'm done. <br />
Thank you. I feel better now.

You are so welcome.

Q, I do like when you get carried away. <br />
<br />
I think it's important to know how to present ourselves at our best, though that will mean something different for each person. I love your distinction between fashion and style :)

My daughter used to try to get me to watch this show with her and I was torn--spend time with her, which I desperately wanted to do, or stand my ground and go off on her about how awful the show is.<br />
I sat. I watched. And when it was over we talked about how rude it is to mock people and to suggest that they need to be improved upon. <br />
It is one thing I guess, if someone is genuinely looking for help, but it cannot feel nice to be "made over" in such a way, because I, like you, always got the impression that while the "after" is sometimes an improvement ascetically speaking, you have probably hurt the person's feelings in the process. Also I always got the impression that the participants were not going to be able to maintain their drastic new look, because it is not them, realistically.<br />
I don't know. All I can say is that I am glad my daughter got a little turned off and does not watch anymore. <br />
Also I like what you said about everyone looking alike. "Fashion" is just a misnomer for "How to look like everyone else by wearing what they are wearing and having no imagination of your own."<br />
It is sad. Wear what you want to. Look like yourself. Be who you are. The hell with fashion. I have always shunned it as superficial and silly. <br />
Style is what happens when you are busy being who you are and wearing what you think defines you, no matter what anyone else thinks. Fashion is for people with no imagination and low self-esteem. <br />
Sorry I got a little carried away. I can't tell you how much I despise "make-overs." <br />
I like this story. Sorry I went off a bit.

I just got the new fall catalogs - your bell bottoms are back baby!

I've had friends tease me about tryna put me on that show.. cuz I won't give up my bell bottoms and tie dyes. I like you're comparison to the twilight zone lol.. resistance is futile with those two hosts. It's a damn shame i tell ya

Agreed, HF, though many "reality stars" don't seem to mind becoming famous just for being their horrible selves.

absolutely, coyote :)

Well then WakingUp, I hope you find someone kind to help you, not those mean spirited spotlight chasers on that tacky US knock off show!<br />
<br />
Ima catch me somethin good in my new fishnets and booties. *wades into the sea*


Hehe now I really want some rubber booties.

Rockin' the Rubber Booties. LMAO!

Hey I didn't say it wasn't fun to watch :) I love a good makeover. But it's weird when they don't recognize themselves in the mirror afterward.

Yep, same idea. It never occurred to me till I saw the resisters!

Blech. Sounds like something out of The Stepford Wives.