Your Perception Is Your Reality But It Isn't Real

 If you find you don't like change your mind.
Look at it from a different perspective, through the eyes of someone else.  When you do this it allows you the ability to have empathy and care about another being.  You simply change your mind and when you change your mind you change the world around you.  

Now, what if changing your mind is the only free will you posses.  Suppose the your whole life follows a plan.... Like your cells following the code of DNA. Or how the planets rotate around their suns.  It appears to me as though there is a plan for all matter,as though it is all in the code.  We can never be out of position. We can never not be whole. We can never be lost. It is the Chi. The Way.
What if the only free will we have, is how we decide to look at things? Whether we see them as choirs or pleasure.  

Change your mind and change the world... Your world.  It can be beautiful or sad. You can suffer or have joy. Simply by changing the way you perceive the world. Remember your perceptions are not reality. They are only perceptions.  Suppose someone is walking their dog in a park.  The dog is running and playing ball with its owner. Suddenly the dog losses interest in the ball and starts to run away.  From your position you can't see the owner but none the less he pulls out a dog whistle and blows it. If yo have ever seen someone use a dog whistle you know if you are close enough to it you can here the air as it rushes through but you hear no "whistle" because the pitch is too high.  At any rate in this case you are far enough away you don't hear the whistle but the dog can and stops immediately and runs back to it's owner.  In your perception the dog just went back to it's owner. You see, you didn't perceive the sound of the whistle, you didn't see the dog whistle so in your experience it didn't happen. This is of course a simple little example but I believe it cuts right to the heart of our life experience.  Our perceptions are not reality and we can never know reality because we are caught up in it and are limited to a reality that is perceived by limited receptors.... Our eyes, ears, nose, sense of feel and taste.  What you can do however is to question everything and realize what you think is just that...A thought.

Wishing all that read this story inner peace, love and happiness.
KenStanley KenStanley
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thank you once again for your care and attention

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Attitude is 99.9 percent of everything.

Though perception is influenced by a tangable reality, the ability to mold individual perception into an intangable personal reality is one of the greatest abilities we possess. It is human nature to question the cause of an event. Using your example, if a person did not question the cause of the dog's return to the owner, it is likely due to disinterest, not due to a formed conclusion that there is a lack of cause; perception does not have to be absolute: it can accept variables. It is most significant that a person suspecting a less than desirable cause can and will often choose to leave this information as a variable in the formation of their perception. It is this ability to manipulative the tangible that makes the intangable reality exclusive to individual perception and makes each life experience unique.

Hi, I don't know if I disagree at all but I don't know if your disagreeing either. You are absolutely right to say, it is human nature to question cause. In fact that is exactly what our mind is supposed to do question figure out the physical world around us. Look for danger. Evaluate situations. It's what kept our ancestors alive. But that is not really the personal reality that I am talking about. I'm talking about the choice we make about how we look at or percieve outside data coming in. (to our mind). For instance, you and I walk out on the street it's cloudy and over cast. Maybe a bit breezy and me being the negative kind of guy I am I say, "this is a ****** day!" But then you being an optimist say, Oh you know it isn't that bad. We haven't had rain in a while. The grass needs it." I chose to see the inclimate weather as bad. I created my own personal reality by looking at the day in that way. You cannot, sometimes, change the external factors but you always, always have the choice of how you look at them.

Wishing you peace

I'm glad you felt that I neither agreed nor disagreed. I was simply sharing thoughts as I appreciated the fact that you shared yours. : )

On my own I am openhearted and more than willing to allow for greater internal stability thru' Divine Healing Love to align and strengthen me, I am practicing to be part of the Healing oneness of Life as well.<br />
Where I have more than I ever see coming, is with those I love most. Who do not wish or need to listen to my heartfelt dedication to their internal grasp of their innate goodness and blessed gifts of Peace. I am often too rejected to stay and beg for their own choice to Love themselves be within their heart of hearts of Truth, I find myself more isolated while caring for 2 households. Seeing myself in the Light of Sacred Goodness. Just to keep standing until I may accomplish more. Any kind of "Good" more. As long as it's good, I'm not picky.