Literally . . .

Perception is everything . . . without it there is no reality. Nothing can exist without first being precieved. My question is this . . . who or what preceived us ? . . . food for thought . . . 
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Someone totally twisted and magnificent hehe

perception and existence, two sides of the same coin if you ask me. only that which exists can be perceived, only the perceived can exist. if both depend on each other, then they are both illusion. perhaps by looking even deeper we will find that which is, perceives and creates. as to the chicken or the egg, the egg. dinosaurs laid eggs long before there were chickens! have a nice day!

very good . . . thank you for your comment . . .interesting stuff . . .

chicken or the egg huh? Preception is reality. So everyone's reality is different

Something must exist before it can be perceived, and your argument suggests that those planets recently perceived by astronomers didn't exist before they were discovered; or are you arguing for the existence of God?