Life Vibrations

Sometimes in life we need to stand up for ourselves, love ourselves the way we love others. Love you by honouring all the greatness that you truly are, make your dream a reality, live to love you, with passion. Our life is right now, make it worthwhile ♥
This post has been energised with my love and want of success for YOU! my wish that you feel it .. many blessings♥


I take charge, I take back my power. The past actions of another no longer control me! I control me and I choose to let it go and LOVE me. I respect the past for its made me strong. But it's time to light my Light within because I am worthy.
Life isn't always easy but we can and WILL get through whatever we are thrown! For we are only given what we can handle, even though we dont think we can handle it, WE CAN!!! The testing is making us stronger.

Lightworkers are, I find, are tested as we need to experience as much as possible so we can serve others in need. After all if we didnt experience the 'bad' then how can we teach

People are the way they are. Love them anyway and stop trying to change them, or wishing they'd be different. You are the way that you are. Love yourself anyway. No matter what, enjoy this moment fully. Quiet the mind's judgements, which ar...e simply barriers to love and defenses against being hurt. Take the risk to love, even if you might get hurt. Tell everyone that you love, "I love you!" right now. Open your heart to love, as that's the whole point of life.

Never limit your abilities... the universe is full of endless possibilities, when you limit yourself or feel you are not good enough, worthy or adequate then you are blocking an abundance energy that is trying to link to you and alter your in so many ways.... begin to open from within, begin to trust and know that the Universe will assist you... its only you that blocks you from endless amazing possibilities.... know you are indeed divine... know this today....
Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.
Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have.
Life is full of obstacles and tests, it’s up to us to pass them. Certain things are not meant to be, we just have to learn from it, accept it, and move on.

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Thanks for this wonderful post. :)