Conversation I Had At 17 That Opened My Eyes

This was my first real revelation  this is a convo i had with someone else around my age back when i was more cynical then anything comments are greatly appreciated 

Me- America doesnt help anyone without a hidden agenda

Anon- And that hidden agenda has a hidden agenda within an agenda while hiding agendas, in other words you are implying implications and need to put your tin foil hat back on before the reptiles read your thoughts because if they are smart enough to hide something what keeps them from hiding something within something thats hidden 

Me- You cant take all info u see on the internet seriously -__-   

Anon- You cant take any info seriously wat makes one source more legitimate than the other? u must look at all points of view instead of one  and not imply implications without seeing the hole in your theory most lack empathy and fail to see the holes in their belief system

Me-I feel lik most info is bi-est, it gets confusing

Anon- Mine isnt though i take in all sides

Me-I try to but sometimes america gets me angry wit there history

Anon- Everyone has a messed up history every race has been enslaved every culture has commited genocide americas is just the most recent we are all equally fugged up and are more alike than we think

Me- We are puppets

Anon- And those puppets are being controlled by puppets that are being controlled by pupets that are being controlled by puppet masters while being puppets of puppets, dont you see the huge holes in what you say

Me- That is not a hole

Anon-Why not statements like that can go on indefinitely it opens up holes that no ones willing to walk through

Me-But to push it to that extent is just  ridiculous and impossible  -__-

Anon- Says who i know 100s of theories that go as far as saying we are in the matrix ,most conspiracy theories fail to deal with this logical fallacy. This is why i have no theory of my own, I only felt I needed to divulge a hole in some people's logical reasoning

Me- I still dont trust the goverment i kno there evil an hide to much things

Anon- You are right but reasoning of that kind is a hole in and of itself. As i have just pointed out if they are smart enough to hide something, why not hide what they are hiding in what they are hiding it in x infinity

Me- So wat does this prove that we will never know anything cause thts all i see

Anon- To be truly smart is to realise that u dont know sh!t

Me-  -_-    Why even learn shyt then

Anon- Because u dont know u will never know and to think you know is stupid. You can only interpet same especially goes for religion ,the book the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy said, Id rather be happy than right anyday. But here we are in a world of unwarranted self importance watching people argue about opinion and judge each other and act like blatant hypocrits in the end no one wants to do wat really needs to be done. every body looks for a scapegoat. Right now its Obama. Right now is the age of when taboos are slowly being let go which is why things seem crazy,people say there are more gays now than ever. thats a lie people say marriage is failing. Thats true but why is marriage failing? Why are gays showing up? Why are people acting wierd? Because they have a chance to do so freely. Many old married people were miserable and hated eachother. Only reason they didnt divorce is because they simply couldn’t. It was a different time back then. There have been many gay,bi,tranz men and women forever. Its just that now they dont have to hide it.People always been crazy. Women always wanted to work men always wore dresses. Some do some don’t its all about individuality.Some men like being home with the kids while the woman work it happens,nothing wrong with it. Some people hate marriage and just want sexual partners,nothing wrong with it. Problems only arise when people try to show what others want to see instead of the truth, everyone is different and sooner or later we have to lose our " I dont like what u like stop liking what i dont like if I dont agree its morally wrong" philosophy.  Female supremacy is the same as male shovinism and white supremacy is the same as black supremacy. Judging is the behavior we as humans need to stop. Everyone battles over minute differences. its pretty simple take slavery for instance while we were picking cotton, 4 year old white kids were up north in factories getting their arms ripped off working nearly 24 hours a day for pennies. Thats the industrial revolution both whites and blacks were slaves. We were just lower on the food chain. I mean sure they had the chance to leave .My point being is that the majority of humans of all colors have been screwed.All races are crewed an bicker over something as simple as skin tone. See in america even if u are black, you can get ahead we had to work extra hard for that though, but everyone has had to work for a chance to play  what is the simplest form of an economy trading now we use cash think of it like this, every country has a set amount of resources ie wealth  only way to gain more from a countries point of view is to take it from somewhere else. does that make sense?

Me- You mean by taking over other countries

Anon-Yes but not always. we can trade Resources as well. The old school ways was kicking the door in and taking it. But anywho like i was saying. America has a set amount of cash between all citizens u get wat im saying. We all share a piece of the pie. Now there are 2 systems of economy to use. Capitalism and Socialism. there are tons more but im  just using known terms. What most dont seem to understand is that like all things made by humans both systems are good but also have major flaws. Socialism is good because we all work together. But if one guy doesnt work as hard he gets same benefits which isnt fair.And with capitalism people are greedy. they grab to much of the pie leaveing less money to change hands which slows the economy forcing people to lose jobs .it has happened once already in the 30s the great depression yep. We fell for the same old ish this time around. You know why this has happened? Because of unwarranted self importance disorder the majority of humans suffer from it. We all think we are right when in reality we are both right and wrong at the same time,  we as Americans fail to see the shortcomings of our beliefs and the validity of others. This applies to the economy instead of negotiating and bouncing ideas off of each other we go, ''Its my turn i bet i can fix it''  no one wants to admit that sometimes they ****** up and they were wrong. We only bicker when we work together. Mabe its because we start our sentences thinkin we know everything.We all do. Its why we judge and thats the problem  some people are reasonable but they get pushed aside because the idiots shout the loudest and reproduce the quickest and that goes for all races.

Me- i could journey into the abyss wit your theory   

Anon- Every theory leads to more outlandish ones. People just pick and choose what they want to hear and ignore everything else. They fail to acknoledge the fact that their theory is included as proof for the theory that the world we know and all religions were actually created by reptilian aliens, and those people fail to acknolledge the reptilian aliens are just pawns and so on and so forth to infinity and beyond. Not to mention there are whites that believe that they are the true children of god. And no one shows evidence. they just sling poo at each other. 1 theory fits inside 100s of others. just like how all religions parody each other and the scientologist that believe the human race are lost souls from outerspace that found refuge in primates and they all fail the same test. the infinity test

Me- lol christians believe in white jesus .....nuff said

Anon- and dont realize they are brothers with muslims and offspring of Judaism which itself was spawned from other polytheistic religions its all one big stupid circle. they argue like they know. but the real answer is they dont. they werent their. they can only believe. people need to learn the difference. there are holes in everything no absolutes just many point of views .

Me- they only interpet a small part of the whole picture 

Anon- there is always a bigger picture. there is always a butterfly effect.          
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Anon = a thinker, a simplifier of the ways of people, life.

I absolutely agree with you, even though I am guilty of self importance disorder.

I forget about this I'm now reading more about self enhancement bias and optimism bias most suffer from it

We are only human. If human beings could discontinue this, we would stop making the same mistakes throughout history.

Yep, I know I dont know. Some people think they have all the answers, when they are just as clueless as the rest of us. Ugh, if not capitalism or socialism, then what?? We need a better solution.

im ok with capitalism, there is no one system that works for everyone, someones gonna get tht short stick, i believe in the myth of America the America that it markets itself as, if we can get fully to tht i think we would be better off , i used to hold the world to unrealistic ideas now i atleast try to look at statistics and history b4 i start saying this is wat should and should not happen

yeah seeing what worked and didn't work in the past is always a smart idea. Trying not to repeat past mistakes. Lol, myth of America ? As in the Ameircan dream and its achieveability for all those that work hard?

tht and more the way America markets itself is beautiful but its never been true

false advertising, America seems to be soo darn goo at tht.

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That Anon guy seems wiser beyond his years on some points. Impressive.

Very true he is ,I meet lots of intelligent people

Enjoyed reading this. Some people are better at explaining than others. Sometimes you just catch yourself in the perfect mindset and situation to have an effective conversation. Then sometimes it's like eh whatever why even try to make something comprehensive for someone. It just depends on the two people conversing, where their mind is, cognition, and that perfect striking moment of explanatory power. Thanks for sharing.

Very true I find it way easier to express myself after I meditate , am I truly intelligent if I have all these great ideas stored in my brain But can\'t trully articulate them or even put them onto paper , it shows my lack of understanding

The only "reptilians" that exist are the one's in the head called your fears and even they can be illusionary .

I didn't believe in them he didn't either he was just making a point

totally refreshing point of view, awsome story! man it all comes down to balance.

Always , thanks for reading

Wow this was mind blowing.Though Anon touched on most things I already know, he brought to a deeper level of understanding and revealed a bigger general connection to all things I know. Now I know that humans were created by other worldly beings, but I don't agree with the whole reptilian thing. What proof does he have of that?
In the Genisis it says that we were made after the likeness of God so wouldn't that mean we would have some reptilian traits?

You missed the point he was simply saying there's wholes in everyone's belief,we weren't created by aliens ,don't eat tht swine

Oh I see I guess I took it too literally : )

Be careful there's a very thin line between religious spiritual and crazy, regurgitation of facts and oppinions is very dangerous , make sure you study things very diligently and from various sources before you say something important or life changing like the origins of humanity

Thanks. Research is what I've been working on lately, but it seems like I have a lot more to cover. I always want to learn more, but each time I think I achieved more understanding another piece of information throws off all I had just learned. So it's taking a while

Yes I understand there is a thin line. I really hope you guys aren't thinking of me in a way that I am not. Sorry if I came off a little crazy. I just got confused about the reptilian thing because I read it wrong.

Never crossed my mind

Good. I was just making sure because of that other guy's comment.

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<p>Anon has a lot of things right, but misses on some too. You don't see the truth of a subject, why it functions the way it does until you get involved. The best lesson I ever learned in a military leadership class went somewhat like this. <br />
Each man is given a bit of information in his material that the others do not have. As a group we are set to a task. it takes all of us to complete the task and each of us have a piece of the answer. In our task, we failed, some of the people did not include the information they had which the others were not privy too. I was pretty introverted then, and had information I did not put forward because I did not want to make a spectical of myself. The results were I was called to task for it in front of my peers for not stateing the information I had which the others did not as did the others who failed to contribute. This set into motion for me, I voluntered to teach for my next duty assignment, I had a problem speaking out when I knew what I had to contribute could make a difference, I hated public speaking, but to be the best I could, I needed to get over it.<br />
Doing many things in Government and private industry, yes there are some secrets, there are some hidden things and cover ups, but I found them to be most prevalent in industry than in the government. The things in the government I was involved in were related to national defense, and I agreed with not making it public, or open knowledge.<br />
As hard as this may sound, the guy in the fox hole across the line is a patriot too and is defending his life style and family.<br />
The heck of it, each of us hold a part of the pie for debunking our own fears and theories, get involved, be engaged, be there. I spent 8 elections as a precinct chair and election judge, I was in shock over all the crap of the hanging chad in Florida, it was bogus, we used those same cards for elections in colorado, there were prescribed procedures to handle issues like that, and those people were just plain silly. It was a case of someone wanting to make an issue and no body with the balls to call them on it.</p><p>Good article, got me going.</p>

I just hope that before i die i am told all the holse and secrets about life and death.

can you please type properly? I was really trying to enjoy this post but I just can't get past the poor grammar. I am not trying to be mean or anything, though, I know its your style and everything but its really difficult for me to understand :(

i dont know wats all tht extra stuff i didnt put tht there the site did sorry

its alright :D

This has changed my outlook! For years i have been trying to describe this, but never could i verbalize it because of my self-righteousness. This is incredibly synchronistic with my life, and i wouldn't have gotten here if i had not answered your question; i thank you Klegendo. <br />
What i have realized is that, from time to time i feel rather open to others, but alot of the time i can creep back on to my pedestal, and feel completely helpless. My humility usually comes after i meditate on an emotion that i feel after having a horrible fight with someone. The thing is, that does not really change how you feel around others, because the damage has already been done. After reading this, i feel that i am going to be really happy with life, very very soon. Well i am undoubtfully happy in this moment, but i feel like other people will be able to feel comfortable, and i will be able to spread my love and compassion! HURAYYYY!!!

Wow I\'m really really glad to hear that !!! Thank u for sharing