Rambling And Presenting

A ramble is meaningless words, but meaningless in what respect? I used to ramble, though others would listen and actually enjoy and take what I say to heart. It was never rambling. A collection of words can mean the world to somebody and nothing to another. What does this tell us about speaking?

The lack of words I hear from others is tremendous, but they don't see any problem.
How can words or a lack of them be different things to the receiver than the speaker?
Because they just had this knowledge presented to them? Or is it their perception? What is it that determines a speaker and a receiver. Somebody can portray their words in speechless subtleties while the person they are doing this to might be speaking nonstop, trying to understand or justify.

Maybe therein lies the ideas behind the differences. Who is understanding and who is learning? Who is new to the idea and who has already learned it?
artsyalexis artsyalexis
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2012