"all Is Fair In Love And War." Is This Your Excuse?

It baffles me why so many people use this poor excuse as a reason for behaving cruely to another person because they get angry. Some are people in my life who I trusted with my personal pain who know what my weaknesses are and will use them against me, just as a soldier will use his most powerful weapon while at war. I too was trusted with their personal stories of pain and promised to not repeat their sorrows and personal secrets they chose to tell me; knowing without worry that I keep my word, and I keep that promise. When attacked because of a difference of opinion, I find so many who will put their promises aside and say the most hurtful things, even if it has nothing to do with the issue at hand. It is as if they believe the one who finds the most awful thing to say wins the battle. The promise is tossed out the window when anger arises and most think they are entitled to say any rotten awful thing they want, because they are angry. How wrong it is to hurt someone you love and go back on your word because 'you are angry.'

I know some of you will tell me to pick better friends and to not speak to a family member who does this, but this is so commonly accepted to behave this way by so many, they are in the majority. If you take an honest look at yourself you may be one who behaves this way. It's hard to admit that some of you are bullying others, and believe you have the right to use these hurtful tactics when somebody doesn't see things exactly as you do or when somebody points out that you have made even the simplest mistake. You see this as criticism and go into attack mode. Often, the excuse heard after someone attacks so cruely is, "I'm sorry. I was angry." They think they are entitled to be forgiven on the spot with this excuse because they admitted they were angry. Admitting responsibility for hurtful words isn't necessary nor is it required during war, especially if love is part of the equation. Surely, most will keep behaving that way because after all; 'All Is Fair In Love and War.'

When I find I am with the 'entitled', I do not name call or volunteer to participate in the invitation to fight. It's not as if I don't have any mud to throw back, it's because I made a promise to another to keep my word and not betray them. My character, my mother so lovingly instilled in me, is intact. I try my very best to not intentionally hurt others and I keep my side of the street clean.
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Yup you sadly speak the truth. It seems words are loosing their ID. no body knows or cares onxe powerfull words are are just letters, words like awsome, promise, forever, love, their all just pieces of the alphabit. Every time I hear 1 of those words I want to break out a dictionary to make sure they know what their saying.

Thank you for reading my story glade8er. I understand when you wrote, "words are losing their ID." It sums this up in a few words.