Maybe Not Everything...

...But I think our perceptions about the world around us to have a great deal of impact on our interactions with others and the world in general. We are all creations of circumstance and experience; and those things have had a hand in molding the perceptions and assumptions that guide us through life. No person is completely objective or neutral and their leanings color their experiences...both future, past, and present. Making perception and attitude closely interconnected.

That is not to say that "wishing something away" will work. There are some things that even the most positive attitude cannot change or diminish...what perception can do is dictate how that experience is dealt with. Or, whether it is dealt with at all. That, is the beauty of the mind.

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perception is very subjective and who is right? but it feels that everything we perceive is right. isn't it just misleading?

I may have my perceptions, but I take it a step further, and I search for the Truth. It's called Perception Checking.

Oh! I like that quote...its so true.

Hmmm.. My friend Pricey likes to say:<br />
<br />
Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right!<br />
<br />
Perception is everything!

Thanks. Perception is fascinating because its such an important dictator of action. And yet, the brain can be tricked into perceiving things that aren't real. Hmmm.

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