Perception Changes.

Lately I have realized that while perception is everything, perception can be altered by mood.  Pretty cool little tid -bit to gnaw on.

Something makes me angry- take a break and revisit, probably won't be as bad.

Yeah, I know this isn't the most novel thought.  Seeing as I have been in a foul and negative mood the last few days, anything that highlights positive thinking is a step forward.

I also noticed that if you say the word perception enough, it sounds odd.

Thanks for letting me share.

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I totally agree! Perception is def altered by one's mood!! You can be feeling happy and have a situation arise and you will perceive it as being not that big of a deal. If you are in a sad or mad mood, then you will perceive it as being a bigger ordeal.<br />
Then add PMS and watch out!!! All good perception goes out the window!!<br />
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Jade- We are all dealing with stuff, it's universal. Some people just don't reveal as much as others. Chin up my friend, Hope you are having a better day.<br />
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Endless- I share your theory, I tend to shy away when I am foul tempered because I can take it out on people who didnt do anything. I need to remeber to step back a breath....often....<br />
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Silent- I absolutely agree. 10 people, same event-10 different perceptions. Just ask a police officer at the scene of a crime interviewing witnesses. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't think I mentioned anything about making judgements based merely on perceptions. I was simply sharing that by stepping back, I was able to change my mood a little. I am probably as "different" a thinker as you will ever encounter.

Perceptions...<br />
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Perception can be right or wrong and some time persception become misconsception too .. we cannot say that of ten people watching towards same direction or looking at one thing may be are not right becoz u r judging some thing on ur perception.. and people perceive things differently according to their understanding .. and expriences.. so we should not judge some thing only on base of our perception...<br />
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think different..<br />
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Most definitely. You can always look for the good or the bad in something and I agree that mood does color perception. When I notice I am in an irritable mood, I either stay away from people (I don't like snapping for no reason) or I calm myself down by breathing slowly. <br />
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Good thoughts there, thanks for sharing!

Ooh I needed to read something a little more chipper than my 'emotions', and your post was great. Thank you for sharing .. <br />
Its refreshing to know there's others out there dealing with 'hardships', emotions, and life itself !! Somedays are just to challenging and goin alone is harder than I ever knew, until recently. <br />
take care, Jade

Totally agree with you. Though somedays it's rough to "turn that frown upside down."

i hi i am new to this whole thing however i am already growing fond of this whole concept....on that note...i was just talking to my mom yesterday about this whole PERCEPTION THING..i believe that if 10 npeople looked at the same thing and then each person asked what they thought of or got out of the thing , you would get 10 different answers cuz we alls ee tings different and we all have our wn minds ,i do also believe that your mood does impact greatly how i PERCIEVE ANYTHNG IN LIFE ....ATTITUDE can make or break YOU OR ME right ??? if i am in a POSITIVE STATE OF MIND i see in almost EVERYTHING I DO OR SEEI OR THINK i draw from it POSITIVE THOUGT ....however while on the other side of this the angry resentful self pty (NEGATIVE) mood i get NEGATIVE results...i also believe i can change my fr<x>ame of mind or my crappy ATTITUDE anytime i choose to ...i believe its all a state of mind MY MIND MY ACTIONS AND HOW I PERCIEVE IT TO BE...HUGZZZ