I Think Your Expectations Can Affect Your Perception

Of self, future, prospects, what others think of you, I think that when I am depressed of am doing my self-doubt crap, I tend to really get ino a narrow way of thinking and planning and I can't see that I have all these other choices, I get through each day at a time. @I Lose sight of the long term. I get a shortened perspective


there's a great HypArt story on this. You have to get through it. When your world seems to have closed up. and the walls of the 'rut' seem to tower so high that there is only one doirection to go and it never leads to anywhere happy.. ..there is always more.. you just lost sight of it.. but its still out there.


TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

I agree...when you are on the path of a clsed door...don't continue to bang your head against that door. Fate closes the door to a path that you are not intended to walk. If you ignore the sign, you suffer more than you were intended to bear. If you seek another path, your perception clears, your intuition spots it's options and all turns exciting again. <br />
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I thin of perception as a series of open and closed doors. The paths we were not supposed to choose narrow and cause us misery. This happens to get us to turn around and choose another path. Change is good, when purpose leads us to change.