Perception Is Reality

When I was going to graduate school in Counseling Psychology, I remember early on hearing this phrase, "Perception is reality."  I had to stop and think about it, but that is so true, because how a person perceives a situation is their own reality.  We all have our own reality and who's to say their reality is THE reality - it gets to be a kind of philosophical discussion when you start really thinking about it.

If you are still not convinced - marital relationships or relationships period are what each person perceives them to be.  Recently, I got to talk to someone from my past - someone I broke up with and I learned something that if I had known it, things would have been very different, but my perception of the situation was very different than the reality of his feelings and it turns out he had totally misperceived my real feelings too.  Our realities were very different because our perceptions were different.  And I KNOW that my husband and I continuously have different perceptions of the same situation - it makes it "fun" to be with each other - NOT!

I think I've made my point - we will see how all of you perceive it and whether you perceive it the way I meant it, huh????? 

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I've got to say 'ditto', with Krypton... communication so often is the simple solution to misunderstandings, due to differences in perception.<br />
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I agree that everyone has their own perception of their own circumstances, which partially dictates their actions within any given situation. Even just understanding this, can be so important for any relationship.

Of course your comment should stay!<br />
You were talking about the size of the fish they caught, right?

Lilt - I love it - men perceive themselves to be right but in reality they aren't right very often - is that what it is?<br />
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Our perception must be closer to reality than theirs is anyway. <br />
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(You know men have a concrete history for having a warped perception of reality anyway - take size as an example - LOL.)<br />
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Is that bad of me? Should I delete this comment?<br />
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I hope that my statement is PERCEIVED as the the joke that it REALLY is!

Okay, so when my husband is wrong, that is my perceived reality.<br />
That works for matter what you call it though, chances are I'm right.

Agree 100% .. just hard to remember sometimes

It is perception that creates much confusion in relationships of any type. I find communication helps with that, but it only helps if both people are being honest. Enjoyed your story

I agree with you on this. My hubby and I used to have a constant battle over this very thing. One of the girls would say something along the lines of "they felt that we were treating them unfairly" or "we did not listen to them."<br />
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He would argue that yes, he was listening or treating them fairly then I would come along after the child had left the room and discuss with him that it was "her perception" that we were doing whatever, whether or not it was fact.... they felt that it was.

Oh, yes, there are so many things that play into your perceptions of situations... past experiences, how we were brought up, traumatic events, milestone events...<br />
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And that is the rub about perception being a person's reality - remembering to keep that in mind when you are wondering about the other person.<br />
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Thanks for the comment!

"We all have our own reality and who's to say their reality is THE reality..." <br />
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Keep in mind - the thing that can fog a person's perception is biases created by past experiences.