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Jastrow's Famous Duck-rabbit

Both are there. One can know and accept that there is two but one can see either one or the other. Both can't be seen at the same time. Such is perception and it is fascinating!  

trailguide trailguide 36-40, F 71 Responses Aug 22, 2009

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I can see both at once now that I have seen both separately... such is a brain that seeks to perceive all dimensions at once and unveils illusions permanently -- that is to say my brain does not return to perceiving a lie as real once it has been extracted. That's why the only acceptable Republican left of the final 4 is Ron Paul.<br />
<br />
the up side of aspergers. did i know this story would come up ? Hehehe.....

Because you're psychic?

Oh, I just love reading the comments on this story and remembering all the fun!!!!


Destry and Trailguide, the Canadian noodle butt twins.....<br />
hehe<br />
<br />
Duck? Bunny? Either way, definitely funny.....ahahahahahaha

hahahahaha.......funny duck...or is it funny bunny !

Have some more noodles, TG. Maybe you'll get a noodle butt :D


Just vicious.....

Hehe... ok then, fly instead of waddle *rolls eyes*. Food is still food. Got those veggies ready yet, des?<br />
<br />
Tas...i often think the same thing ;)

It is fascinating that we all see different things .. when looking in the same direction

With all the LMAO that you're doing, your butt must be non-existent by now!!!!<br />
<br />
Innocent little pirate witch, huh?

WADDLE?????? WADDLE??????<br />
<br />
You people are vicious!

LOL<br />
she'll waddle into here sooner or later....and then...muahahahaha.

Now there is an idea! The cutness factor is gone...lets eat!

hmmmm ..out of a sudden i feel like having rabbit stew with dumplings

and for a very good reason...hehehehe

muahahahahahaha!!! Muahahahaha! <br />
This is getting good. *extra innocent smile*

As if it's just A-OK to turn ship's cooks into bunnies, Missy Pirate Witch!

Missy Trailguide, you may look sweet and innocent, but you are evil......hehe

I saw the duck first and then the rabbit! That was amazing, I saw both. :-)

Tg nice post ....

LOL! Did you see the rabbit before? Maybe somebody took the rabbit again!

uh oh....I'm watching my lemonade. :D

Oh, not again !

Oh good *big smile*<br />
<br />
You are not blind at all TP...datura was really stealing the rabbits before you could see them. She left them alone today. Lesson learned..hehe.

Awww, look at that steam coming out of those big ears. Witch Destry you better do something or we are going to have rabbit stew afterall.

Now I am weally, weally mad.

Hahaha..all those threats are kind off cute coming from a little rabbit.

You better turn me back into a datura!!!! I mean it or the girl pays!!!!!