The Day

Awaiting a new day and setting foot and thought towards unveiling it.  My mood is awakened and love meeting my goals towards the things I desire in my life.  I am so excited!  I am glad I do not dwell in the negative and that I have adopted if i do not like what is in my life then change it!  There is only one thing in my life i can't figure out how to change.  The fact I can't stand my mother.  Well, maybe concentrating on all the other aspects in my life is what i need to do for now :) .

typoquene typoquene
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

I am sorry to read about your feelings toward your mother, typo. There is obviously an important story behind that feeling, and I hope you are able one day to share it. Otherwise, this is an inspiring story. I am so glad you have such good control over your life.