Squeaky Clean Teeth

I've got a long routine when it comes to oral hygiene. I don't just go in and brush my teeth for 40 to 60 seconds. I brush the gums, brush the front of the teeth, the surface, and the back. I have been using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free toothpaste for 6 months now. I use Jason brand power mint. It actually foams up really well. Anyways I go on to rinse my mouth for 30 seconds. Then I floss between each and every tooth, I go back between those same teeth to make sure I got all the gunk out. I brush my tounge next with the Ora Brush, and some tongue foam, scrape it all off, rinse again, and I'm done. So yeah I spend 10+ minutes just on my teeth each time.
hutchpost hutchpost
22-25, M
May 21, 2012