There should be a forum for public displays of hygiene to remind people of the importance of maintaining hygiene even in public. I work at a library and I can not even begin to weave the tales of horror I see almost daily upon entering the women's bathroom. If I ever had thoughts of being a lesbian they would be evaporate upon contact. Then to top it all, no one really washes their hands after using the bathroom. Washing your hands consist of more than running your hands under the faucet. Sighs. It's gotten to the point that most of the librarians use tissue to touch door knobs because we can't guarantee a patron has washed their hands. We all have seen enough horror stories to be leery of door knobs, elevator buttons and hand rails.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Sadly this isn't just women but yes they are big culprits of being dirty. Ewwww. I go to a state college and I hear women as they leave the restroom with no water ever being run. Ummmm washing your hands is just one part of being clean folks. Yuck!